• Tim Barden

    Tim Barden

    Independent. Heterodox. Passionate about the arts, society and technology. IT Professional turned Arts Professional.

  • Isaac Luria

    Isaac Luria

    Jewish spiritual change-maker, dad of three, Brooklyn-based in Brooklyn. Work at Nathan Cummings Foundation. Views here my own.

  • MaryJo Wagner, PhD

    MaryJo Wagner, PhD

    Non-fiction writing coach loves reading, writing, the Colorado mountains, J. S. Bach and Willa Cather. Get “9 Tips for Readable Writing” at maryjo@mjwagner.com

  • Spector


    We are no longer running L8istSh9y on Medium. Please visit www.l8istsh9y.com

  • Debra Keefer Ramage

    Debra Keefer Ramage

    Grandmother, socialist, dual citizen. Twitter calls me the grand high matriarch of Twin Cities DSA. More: https://linktr.ee/debrakeeferramage

  • Rathinasabapathy B

    Rathinasabapathy B

    Restoration Ecologist

  • Barbara Beise

    Barbara Beise

  • Paul Reney

    Paul Reney

    looking for the unfollowable lightness of being in all the wrong places, head trauma survivor... j’écris et parle aussi français…from Montréal...mostly poetry

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